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How to access OpenBOM support

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  1. Registration and Quick start (NEW)

Registration and account verification
Login and passwords
What if I cannot login?
Import your BOM from Excel
Import your BOM from CAD

2. Getting Started (NEW)

Dashboard and user interface
Create BOMs
Create multi-level BOM
Create Part Catalog and use it with BOM
Create Parts
Import data
User defined views
Integrations with CAD systems

3. OpenBOM model and concepts (NEW)

Properties and property types
Public and private properties
Parts, Part Catalogs and Bill of Materials
BOM: Single-level, Multi-level, Flattened
User defined views
Share and collaborate

4. OpenBOM REST API topics


Articles below were written in 2016/17 and currently under review. You can still read them, but please assume that current OpenBOM product is improved, advanced or just different.

5. Basic use cases (OLD)

6. CAD Integrations (PENDING UPDATE)

7. The Basics (PENDING UPDATE)

8. BOM Properties (PENDING UPDATE)

9. Change Management (PENDING UPDATE)

10. Parts Catalogs (PENDING UPDATE)

11. Sharing and Collaboration (PENDING UPDATE)

12. BOM Templates (PENDING UPDATE)

13. Multi-level BOMs (PENDING UPDATE)

14. Production Planning and Order BOM

15. Onshape topics (PENDING UPDATE)