User defined BOM Views

Built from available properties, Views define what properties are visible and in what order they appear. The View on/off switch (or checkmark) allows you to switch between a default and defined BOM view. The On/Off switch (or checkmark) is available only in a single level BOM View. As a Multi-level BOM, the user defined view is always ‘on’. Views define the information available in the BOM grid. The side (Info-panel) allows  you to see all the properties in the BOM. In a future release, the View functionality will be enhanced with the ability to create custom views (Engineering, Manufacturing, Supplier, etc.). Also, the OpenBOM “share” function will be enhanced to support views to share partial subset of BOM information with contractors, suppliers and all user.

How to create a user defined BOM view

1. In the OpenBOM Dashboard, click “Views” in the Administration section.

2. Click “Default (BOM)”. Note: In future, you’ll have the ability to create more custom views, for example, for engineers, for manufacturing, for suppliers, etc.).

3. In the “Available properties” part of the dialog window that appears, select the properties you’d like to appear in your user defined view, for example, Thumbnail, Quantity, Type, and Unit Cost. Click “Apply” when done.

4. Switch view “on” by check-marking the view (it’s green when enabled).