Searching for a Part

The Part Search Dashboard allows you to search Parts and apply a variety of filters, e.g. Catalog or an number of specific properties. It is a very powerful feature which allows you to perform full text search on all part attributes. Combined with CAD data, it is a very easy way to find your CAD and other related data. Here’s how to use it:

1. Click “Part Search” in the OpenBOM Dashboard

2. Enter a part to search for it amongst all your part catalogs. The search is dynamic so results will appear in the dashboard as you type in the part you are looking for.

3. Click the “filter” icon to the right of Part search to filter for catalogs.

4. Click “Select property to filter” to filter for specific properties and values. A dialog window will appear. Search therein for the desired properties to filter against.

5. Enter property value in the “Property filter value” field you wish to filter against. For example, “in stock” is the desired value of the part  “Status” property you wish to locate.

6. In the Dashboard itself, you can right-click any of the parts and locate where they are used using “Where Part Used“. A dialog window will appear (see next step).

7. In the “Where Part used” dialog window, click the desired BOM where part is used.