Using BOM Filters

Filters are an effective way to quickly view only those items or components in your Bill of Materials with certain values, especially with BOMs that contain 100s or 1000s of items or components.  Here’s how to filter a BOM.

1. In BOM view, click Tools > BOM filters:

The BOM filter window will appear on the right:

2. Click on the desired Properties you wish to filter against, for example, Material. Enter the value you wish to filter for, example, “Stainless steel”.  Click “Apply“.  Only those items where Material = “Stainless steel” will appear in the BOM:

3. You can select multiple Properties to filter against, for example, include the Property “Type” and enter the value “Assembly”.  Now only those items where Material = “Stainless steel” AND Type = “Assembly” appear in the BOM:

Property filter values, once set can be enabled or disabled.  Disabling a Property filter will restore the items filtered which were filtered out.

Note: Filtering a BOM does not alter or change the Properties or their values in a BOM.