Managing the Properties you view in a BOM

When extracting a BOM from a CAD system, OpenBOM grabs all properties from assemblies and components.  This is true for Part Lists, Single-level and Multi-level BOMs.  For example, here’s a BOM extracted from SOLIDWORKS:


Let’s say you only wish to view a few certain properties rather than all the ones extracted, whether they contain data or not.  Here’s how you manage which properties you view in a BOM.

For Parts Lists and Single-level BOMs

Click the “Info panel” tab (1.) to open the “Info” panel. Then, (2.), click the “View configuration” button to configure what property view you want to appear in your BOM.

By default, all properties will be checked in the BOM view configuration window listed under “BOM properties“. If there are any inventory item properties also configured, these will also be listed under “Item (inventory) properties.”


Click to uncheck the BOM properties you don’t wish to view in the BOM.  Just make sure that the properties you do want to view are checked.  And don’t forget to click “Save” when done.


Your BOM view will now have the desired properties.


Here’s what REALLY important for you to know: For any item in the BOM, all properties are still available to view via the “Info panel.” With the “Info” panel open, click any BOM item.  You’ll see all the original properties and their values (if any).


For Multi-level BOMs

Managing what properties can be viewed in a multi-level BOM is similar to how it’s done with Part Lists and Single-level BOMs.  There are just a few slight differences.  If you’re not familiar with how OpenBOM multi-level BOMs work, we suggest you read these two help documents first:

Generating a multi-level BOM

CAD Plug-in multi-level BOM support

When generating a multi-level BOM view, either from a CAD system (via the CAD plugin) or directly from the OpenBOM Dashboard using the BOM view tool icon, you will need to choose which BOM properties you wish to view in your multi-level BOM.  The “BOM view configuration” window will automatically appear the first time you wish to view (or create) a multi-level BOM.


After you “Save” your BOM view configuration, the multi-level BOM view will automatically appear containing only those properties you configured to be viewed.


As with Parts Lists and Single-level BOMs, you can view all the original properties using the “Info panel” for any BOM level (sub-assembly).

As required, you can change the property view by going to the “Info panel“, clicking “View configuration” and check (or uncheck) the desired properties.  For example, we’ll add the “Material” and “Source” properties to the BOM.


After clicking “Save,” the “Material” and “Source” properties, with values (if any) will be added to the BOM view.