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We are in the process of complete re-write of the documentation.  Can’t find what you need? Tell us on support@openbom.com, we’ll be immediately on it! OpenBOM Old documentation is available here (you will still find it useful).

Registration and Sign-in

Registration and account verification
Login and passwords
What if I cannot login?

Quick Start

Import your first BOM from Excel
Import your first BOM from CAD

Getting Started

Dashboard and user interface
Create BOMs
Create multi-level BOM
Create Catalog and use it with BOM
Create Parts
Import data
User defined views
Integrations with CAD systems

OpenBOM model and concepts

OpenBOM user interface

Catalogs (under construction)

Bill of Materials (under Construction)

Import and Export

Production Planning and Purchase Orders 

Inventory Control (under construction…)

  • Inventory control – Catalogs, quantity on hand, quantity gaps and more
  • Adding / Removing / Changing an item in a BOM and reflecting those changes in the production planning
  • Releasing to production

Integrations with CAD & ERP systems

Installing or updating a CAD integration

OpenBOM Solidworks Integrations

Netsuite Integration

APIs and custom integrations

OpenBOM API Specification Doc

Some thoughts about Documentation:

As the success of OpenBOM continues to grow, you, our users have asked for documentation to help get the most out of using OpenBOM.  So we’ve embarked on the process of creating this documentation guided.  Our goal is to provide you with information that is as helpful, clear and concise as possible.

For the last 6 months we added and modified many OpenBOM features and functions, which requires lot of documentation pages to be updated.We are in the process of complete re-write of the documentation. But, we are also actively developing OpenBOM. Writing help and documentation for OpenBOM which is in development with releases every 4 weeks is like never ending job of Golden Gate Bridge painting. But we are doing our best to keep OpenBOM documentation relevant and up to date.

If you have questions about documentation, please contact me directly: oleg @ openbom dot com. Thank you for using OpenBOM!

Oleg Shilovitsky, CEO and co-founder.

Old documentation page:

OpenBOM Old documentation is available here (you still can find it useful)

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