How to share a BOM

(1) Click the “Share” button located on the top right of a BOM view, highlighted in Green in the pic, below:

(2) When prompted, in the “Share settings” window, enter the email of the person(s) you wish to share the BOM with and their assigned view permission, either “Can Edit” – read/write or “Can View” – read-only.  If you wish to include as part of the shared BOM all sub-assemblies associated with the BOM, check “Include and share all sub-assembly BOMs“. Check “Make link to BOM shareable…” if you wish to share a read-only, i.e., can only view, link to a BOM. The shared BOM will have only read access and not be able to make changes or edits. For example, you can share a BOM with a list of components with contractors and system integrators to track purchasing and RFQs.

Click “Share” button when done.  Note: Don’t forget to assign access permission before you click “Share”.

Others can now access the BOM and work simultaneously with you or access the BOM at any other time.  Avatars of people the BOM is shared with will appear in the upper left of the BOM view. Here’s a GIF that gives you an idea of how share works in action (the UI is out-of-date but the principle is the same):

Here’s a video demonstrating a read-only shareable link:

BOMs can also be shared directly from the BOM Dashboard.  Click the “share” icon to share or modify the shared options. Make sure the desired BOM in the Dashboard is highlighted: click anywhere in the line containing the BOM except on the Part Number and Name links.