Property Tables

Property tables are where you keep and organize BOM properties.  There are two types of Property Tables:

  1. Public: list of all public BOM properties available to anyone using OpenBOM; and
  2. Private: lists of private properties only you and others you share them with can use.

Note: (1) Private property tables can be shared with other team members. Only the owner and those with whom the Private property table is shared with can use the private properties therein. (2) The public property table cannot be shared (for obvious reasons). (3) You cannot delete a property from a Public Property table.

To learn more about BOM properties go here.

Creating a Property table

Click “Property Table” in the “Administration” section in the OpenBOM Dashboard.

You should now see the Property Table Dashboard.  You’ll note a Table called “Public”.  That’s where all the Public properties are located.

If you previously created a Property table, or one is shared with you, it will also be located in this Dashboard.  Click the green circle with a “+” inside to create a new property table.

Name your Property table and click “Create” to save it.

After clicking “Create”, you be taken directly to the Property table you just created.  You can add new properties to this table by clicking “+ Add property“.

You will also be able to add Properties to this table when creating a new Property from within a BOM. Note: With the exception of the Public Property table, only you and those you share a Property table with will be able to use the properties in a Property table.  They are private to you and those you share them with.

Warning: Editing a property in the Public Property table will impact all OpenBOM users.  If in doubt, re-create the property and add it to a property table to make it private.