Solid Edge plug-in installation and export a BOM

The Siemens Solid Edge plug-in is available for download from the OpenBOM Dashboard.

The Solid Edge plug-in includes an option to connected to cloud storage. Various cloud file storage providers are supported in the current release.

Here are the steps for installing and using the Solid Edge plug-in

(1) In the OpenBOM Dashboard, click the “Integrations” button and locate the Solid Edge plug-in for download.

(2) Click on the desired CAD plug-in link. The plug-in will automatically download to your PC. Once downloaded, install the plug-in with the help of the Install Wizard.

(3) Once the plug-in is installed, start Solid Edge and go directly to the OpenBOM tab:

(4) Click the “Configuration” gear icon Enter your email and password used to access OpenBOM (should be the same as those you used to register to OpenBOM).

(5) Choose the desired Configuration options

BOM type: Part list, Single level BOM, or Multi level BOM.

Cloud settings: Use these settings to connect items in your BOM extracted from Solid Edge to one of the supported cloud file storage providers. Check “Cloud settings“. Note: if you leave “Cloud settings” unchecked, that’s perfectly okay! OpenBOM will still extract the BOM.

Choose the desired cloud file storage system you want to connect to your BOM. IMPORTANT: OpenBOM does not extract files from these file storage systems. Rather, OpenBOM exports items extracted from the CAD system, in this case Solid Edge, into the chosen cloud file storage system and references them in OpenBOM via a link. Also, you need to first have an account with the desired cloud file storage system before moving on to the next step…

Once the desired cloud file storage system is selected, click “Authorize” and follow the prompts.


Once you’ve authorized OpenBOM to place BOM items in the desired cloud file storage system you can check Send CAD files to include CAD files and check Send PDF files to send a 2D or 3D PDF file.

Click “OK” when done.

(6) Click “Export BOM” to export your BOM from Solid Edge to OpenBOM (and if selected, to the chosen cloud file storage).

6) Here is an example, per the steps above, of how your BOM will look. Notice the links to Google Drive. The “PDF File in GoogleDrive” was automatically added to the BOM. Clicking any link therein will take you directly to Google Drive. Your BOM can now be shared with others.