User defined views

The vision of OpenBOM is to provide flexible and granular data management tool for engineers and manufacturing companies to create, manage and share Bill of Materials and related product data. In the past month, we’ve working on custom BOM views support in OpenBOM. For us, BOM views is one of the most fundamental enhancements of OpenBOM to support next level of granularity in data management.

Open BOM user defined views allow to user to visualize, share and control access to BOM and related information in a very granular form.

Here is a picture which shows a concept of user defined views.

Team administration of views

Team administrator has the power to create new users, control who is accessing data and setup Team Sharing — a powerful function to have data automatically shared inside the team.

With the introduction of user-defined views, the Team administrator has a new feature — to create views for all members of the team.

As you can see from the screenshot above, if you’re Team Administrator in OpenBOM, you can add/update views for all users. So, from now Team Administrator can plan specific views of BOM for an entire team.