How to create a Part Catalog and manage Part Numbers

Creating a Part Catalog and controlling and managing Part Numbers will help you accomplish more efficient workflows:

  • By using a Part Number template to define Part Numbers;
  • An option for Part Number auto-generation; and
  • Control over  Part Number uniqueness

Here’s how:

(1) Create a new Part Catalog if starting from scratch:


Once you’ve assigned a name to the new Part Catalog, click “Part Number setup” in the modal window if you wish to have OpenBOM automatically assign Part numbers to items in your BOM as you add them:


If importing or working with an existing Part Catalog, click “Part Number setup” in the Part Catalog:

(2) In the Part Number Setup modal window, checkmark:

  • Unique Part numbers (no duplicates)” if you want to avoid using duplicate Part Numbers
  • Auto generate Part Numbers” if you want OpenBOM to automatically generate Part Numbers

Click “Create Part Number Template” when you are ready to configure the Part Numbers for new Items in the Part Catalog.  Note: Part Number templates apply to the Part Catalog where defined.

(3) You are now ready to create your Part Number Template by choosing from the following options:

Click “Add prefix” if you wish to add a fixed prefix to your Part Number, e.g. PN.

Click “Configure range” if you want Part Numbers to adhere to a certain number range.

Click “Add suffix” if you wish to add a fixed suffix to your Part Number.

Click “Add separator” to choose a desired separator, e.g. “/”, “-“, or “.”.


(1) You can choose anyone or all of the options, in any combination.

(2) You can change, i.e. edit, a template or delete it.

(3) Make sure to click “Add,” “Save,” and “Save Options” along the way.

The following short video shows you how it all comes together: