Working with formulas, totals and roll-ups

OpenBOM Bills of Material support formula calculations and roll-up and totals.

To create extended costs and rollup cost:

  1. Open your BOM in OpenBOM
  2. switch to single-level BOM in top-level assembly (BOM)
  3. check [x] display totals (if it is not switched to see rollup lines on the bottom)
  4. RMB->Edit formula in the property you want to rollup
  5. When the dialog appears, define the formula (eg. Total Cost = Quantity * Unit Cost).  Note by default, formula will apply to all rows.  if you add a row you MUST define the formula for the property in the new row, formulas don’t (yet) automatically add.
  6. Check [x] multi-level rollup and select what property is used for quantity (eg. Quantity)
  7. Select “Enable Rollup Totals” from the menu next to property name
  8. Switch to Multi-level BOM view and refresh browser – values should be re-calculated.

    Note- property you want to rollup must be present in all sub-levels.

A brief video describes the steps above is here

The following blog post has additional information and links to videos