Team Views

OpenBOM Views is a very powerful mechanism, which allows only to display the data you need. In one of my earlier step-by-step lessons I demonstrated how to create views and control what columns (properties) will be displayed in each view.

Today, I want to give you an introduction into Team Views — a mechanism which is only available for Team subscriptions. The power of this mechanism is to be able to control who has access to what information. OpenBOM is doing it using Views and this is a reason why you REALLY should want to have it .

The picture below can speak better than 1000 words. You can set who has access to what information and this is absolutely needed if you work in a distributed environment.

The scenario I’m going to demonstrate in my video is following: Use 2 users — admin and contractor to demonstrate how admin can limit contractor to see a specific subset of the data.

1- Open demo BOM

2- Create contractor view (limit to properties and filter)

2- Create a new user and limit his access a specific view we created BOM

This is how simple to use OpenBOM to control who is accessing what information in BOMs and Catalogs.

And here is the video:

Team views provides granular access to the information is a key for efficient collaboration. OpenBOM helps you to organize efficient and dynamic data access by configuring Team Views and restricting people to see ONLY information they need. If you’re working in a team of more than 3 people, Team View is an absolutely needed feature.