User defined views

OpenBOM user defined views is a mechanism allowing to provide a granular data representation in a single bill of materials. It goes back  to the one of the most fundamental requirements we’ve heard from our users for very long time — the need to share data in a granular way between users in the company, contractors and suppliers. Imagine the situation when BOM is serving 3 distinct group of people — engineering, sales and contractors. View will be able to separate information you going to share between them in a logical form. This is a vision- we are not done yet.

Currently OpenBOM allows you to define multiple user defined views and use them when browsing and navigating via data. In such a way, as an individual user, you can switch between views and see different elements of information. If you’re using OpenBOM Team Subscription, Administrator can create user defined views and give them to each user.

The following picture, give you an idea of what is OpenBOM user defined view data model.

You can create views in a dedicated Views dashboard in OpenBOM.

Edit View Configuration dialog allows you to select properties (from the list of all available properties) and add it to a view:

After View is defined, you can switch between views directly from BOM user interface.

If user defined view is already created, you can edit it directly from BOM view interface, by navigating to small “edit” icon.

Edit View – WYSIWYG 

Another way to edit view is to simply add / remove properties (columns) when BOM or Part Catalog is open and a specific view is selected. In such a way, edit is transparent.