Import data

There a many ways to import data to OpenBOM. For starters let me know focus on  two main options:

1- Import data from Excel spreadsheets

This is the simplest way to get your existing BOMs and part catalogs to OpenBOM. The formatting of data is simple. Check this here to download sample of Excel.

Excel must be formatted to conform the following rules:

  • line to define properties
  • one column to serve as a key (Part Number)
  • no duplicated names

Check for more information here.

You can use Import command from OpenBOM dashboard. In this case, OpenBOM will create a new BOM for each Excel you import. If Excel was imported already, OpenBOM will merge content of Excel into already existing BOM.

Another way to import data is to run import from already created BOM. In such case, the content of Excel will be imported into open BOM (names are ignored and OpenBOM won’t be searching for exsiting BOM).

2- Import data using CAD plug-ins

OpenBOM provides CAD plug-ins to simplify the process. Check if your CAD is supported here. Some of popular CAD systems are supported for free and CAD plug-ins are available as part of OpenBOM subscriptions. For some other CAD systems, we can provide custom build integration as service. If CAD system is not listed, please contact us via