Create Parts

Parts are basic elements of Bill of Materials. Each BOM is combined from parts and sub-assemblies. There are 3 main ways to add parts in OpenBOM.

1- Add part directly to Part Catalog

Navigate to Part catalog, open it and use Add Item Command in Part Catalog user interface.

After you added part to a Part Catalog, you can use it in any BOM.

2- Add part to BOM and create it in a Part Catalog

An alternative way to add part to Part Catalog is to do it in BOM user interface. Typical scenario is when you want to add a new part and you realize that you don’t have one defined in Part Catalog. Instead of navigating to part catalog, you can do it directly from BOM.

Navigate to Info Panel when selected a new Part in your BOM. If Part isn’t defined in the catalog (or it is a new line), you will see Create New part button.

Use “Create New Part” command. It has 2 options – create a part.

Create new part: