Create your BOM from CAD

Creating your BOM from CAD can be done in two distinctly different ways:

  1. Export Excel from CAD and import Excel into OpenBOM
  2. Using one of the free OpenBOM CAD integrations.

This tutorial deals with option 2 above.

(1) Begin by installing or connecting to one of the free OpenBOM CAD plug-ins or integrations designed specifically for your CAD product.

A detailed list of specific CAD integrations can be found here

Importing to OpenBOM using one of the supported CAD integrations

Here is the list of available out-of-the-box CAD plug-ins:

  1. Altium Designer
  2. Autodesk Inventor
  3. Autodesk Fusion360
  4. Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS
  5. Onshape
  6. Siemens PLM Solid Edge
  7. Kubotek KeyCreator

Integrations with other CAD systems are available as paid service. Please contact for more information.

To download one of the available integrations, create account  or sign-in to OpenBOM and click the “Integration” button on the Dashboard,

To integrate with Onshape, navigate to Onshape app store using your Onshape account.

Follow installation process instruction for each CAD system  detailed documentation page and Onshape App store.

Then go to the detailed help page for your specific CAD product.