Creating a simple BOM template

BOM templates you save time and effort creating manual BOMs from scratch.  If you’d like to reuse a BOM as a template for other BOMs, this feature is for you.  Here’s how you create a simple BOM template.  You’ll also learn how to reuse them to create a new BOM.

  1. Click the “Tools” widget and choose “Create template” from the drop-down menu.
  2. When prompted, enter a name for the template, e.g. “Manufacturing BOM”.  Select from one or more of the following template options and click “Save”:
    • keep data. The template will keep the data in the current BOM.  Use this option if you want to reuse the data in the BOM when using the template to create a new BOM.
    • customizable. Use this option to allow the BOM created from this template to be modified, i.e., properties can be added and removed.  Otherwise, BOM attributes remain immutable.
    • inventory configuration. This option keeps assigned inventories and added properties thereof when a BOM is created with this template.  More information with an example using this option is available, here.
    • Note: Once saved, template options cannot be changed.

Example 1: Creating a BOM using a customizable template.  A new BOM is created from a template that permits the BOM to be modified.

Example 2: Creating a BOM using a customizable template that “remembers” the data from the original BOM.  Once created, you can add additional items and properties to the BOM.  And of course, you can add and change the values of any BOM attribute as desired.