Creating an inventory template

If you are not familiar with creating a simple BOM template, please read first, Creating a simple BOM template.

An inventory template is a BOM template that “remembers” any inventories and properties from those inventories assigned to the BOM from which the template is created.  Using an example here’s how to create an inventory template.

This is a simple BOM that has an inventory assigned and corresponding properties.  Note: If new to this feature, read how to assign an inventory to a BOM, here.  And here, for adding inventory properties.

  1. Create a template as you normally would (Creating a simple BOM template) and select “inventory configuration” as one or more of the three available options.  Click “Save” when ready.
  2. Now you are ready to create a new BOM using the inventory template you just created.  The new BOM will be created with the inventory properties AND it will “remember” the assigned inventor with its values so that when you enter Part Numbers, the template will automatically be populated.