Adding inventory properties to a BOM

In addition to assigning inventories (also known as parts lists) to a BOM, you can choose what part attributes, i.e., properties, are added to a BOM.  This comes in handy if you conceptualize a BOM by starting from a few basic properties such as Part Number and later wish to bring in other properties and values from the assigned inventory. Or perhaps you add inventory properties and values to an existing work-in-progress BOM prior to a supplier chain review.  Let’s take a look at both scenarios.

Conceptualize a BOM adding Part Numbers from inventory

1. After creating a new BOM and adding a few properties, e.g. Part Number and Quantity, assign the desired inventories to the BOM.  Click here if you don’t know how to assign inventories to a BOM. Click here if you don’t know how to create an inventory.

2. Click the “Tools” drop-down menu and choose “Add Inventory properties” from the options available.

3. When prompted by the “Add Inventory properties” dialogue that will appear on the right, select one or more inventories by clicking “type item name” and choose from the previously assigned inventories. Repeat for each inventory you wish to use. Note: one or more inventories must be assigned prior to this step, otherwise, no inventory will be available for selection from the drop-down menu.

4. Next, select the desired properties you wish to add to the BOM by clicking “type property name” and selecting the desired property.  Repeat this step for each property you wish to add to the BOM.  Click the “Apply” button when done.  Inventory properties will be automatically added to the BOM. Note: The “Reset” command (next to “Apply”) removes the inventory properties and values added to the BOM.

5. Now you are ready to add Part Numbers from the assigned inventories.  Use the handy drop-down widget in each Part Number item and choose the desired part numbers.  A green “Refresh BOM” button will appear in the lower left.  Click it when you are finished adding all the desired part numbers or after each new part number is added.  Property values will automatically be added to each applicable property from inventory.  Note: Only properties from inventory will be updated.  All other properties values must be manually added to the BOM.

Adding inventory properties to a work-in-progress BOM

  1. If you’re starting with a BOM that is already work-in-progress, assign both the desired inventories and then add the desired properties following steps 2 – 4, above.  Add additional properties from inventory as necessary.

2. When ready, add additional items to the BOM (Click “+ Item“), choose the desired inventory part numbers and refresh the BOM.  Properties from inventory will automatically be updated.  You can bring in as many inventory properties as desired, for example, stock level, part costs, etc.