Adding Part Catalog properties to a BOM

In addition to assigning inventories (also known as parts lists) to a BOM, you can choose what part attributes, i.e., properties, are added to a BOM.  This comes in handy if you conceptualize a BOM by starting from a few basic properties such as Part Number and later wish to bring in other properties and values from the assigned inventory. Or perhaps you add inventory properties and values to an existing work-in-progress BOM prior to a supplier chain review.  Let’s take a look at both scenarios.

Conceptualize a BOM adding Part Numbers from inventory

After creating a new BOM and adding a few properties, e.g. Part Number and Quantity, assign the desired inventories to the BOM by clicking “Parts and Catalogs“.  Assign the desired parts catalogs to the BOM by checking marking them in “Available Inventories”. Click here if you don’t know how to assign inventories to a BOM. Click here if you don’t know how to create an inventory.

Here’s what the dialog looks like:



Part Numbers from the assigned parts catalogs are available for each Item you add to the BOM. Check “Use only Inventory Part Numbers” in the Available Inventories if you wish to limit Part Numbers in the BOM to be only from the assigned part catalog.

If using the default link of Part Number in the Catalog to the Part Number in your BOM (learn more, here), as shown:

Then Part Numbers from the Part Catalog will be brought to Part Number in the BOM:

If linking Part Number in the Part Catalog to a different part number attribute, for example, Catalog Part Number:

Then Part Numbers from the Part Catalog will be brought to Catalog Part Number in the BOM:


Configuring and bringing Part properties from the Part Catalog to a BOM

In the Parts and Catalog configuration dialog, click Part Properties configuration. This is what you’ll see:

Select the desired part catalog from those you have already assigned to the BOM. If no catalog choice appears in the drop-down menu, then go back and set one or more catalog(s) to the BOM, as shown earlier, above.

Next, select the desired properties you want to add to the BOM. These will be properties that are in the Part Catalog you’ve assigned, for example, Unit cost, Device Size, Accessory Type.

When you’re done and you click “Apply” all the properties and values will be brought into the BOM. NOTE: make sure before configuring properties that you have first assigned values to the appropriate part number attribute. If not, no value will be brought into the BOM until Part Numbers are entered. 

In this example, Catalog Part Number in the BOM was linked to the Part Catalog attributes:

Note: You can assign a Part Catalog to a BOM at any time and configure what properties to bring in. Just make sure that the appropriate Part Numbers and corresponding values are as they should be.