Sharing a BOM

BOMs can be shared with anyone inside and outside your team, organization, and company.  Here’s what’s required to successfully share a BOM:

  • Person sharing a BOM must be a registered openBoM user; and
  • The email address of registered openBoM user(s) the BOM will be shared with.

How to share a BOM (from the Dashboard)

  1. Click the ‘share’ icon to the right of the desired BOM in the openBoM Dashboard.
  2. When prompted, enter a valid openBoM user address and choose from the access permission drop-down window one of two BOM access permissions: “Can Edit” or “Can View” (default).  Note: Follow this step for each user you wish to share the BOM with.  If you have many users you wish to share BOMs with, you may want to consider upgrading to the paid “Team” subscription which includes automatic BOM team sharing.  Click “Save”.  You BOM is now shared.  

How to share a BOM (from within a BOM

  1. The steps for sharing a BOM from within a BOM are very similar to those described above.
  2. Within a BOM, (1) click the “Share” button, and (2) enter the information as prompted.

Once a BOM is shared, an avatar appears of the person currently working in the BOM.  You will be able to see each other’s actions in the BOM, in real time.

At any time you can view with whom the BOM is shared by clicking the “Share” button in a BOM (or share icon in the Dashboard).  Note: To remove a shared user from the BOM, (1) click the “-” icon. To add additional shared users, (2) add their emails.  Don’t forget to click “Share”.