Generating a multi-level BOM

Follow these steps to generate a multi-level BOM:

  1. Make sure there is a BOM for a top-level assembly and all corresponding sub-assemblies somewhere in your Dashboard and they each have a Part Number assigned.
  2. Click the multi-level BOM view button to the left of the desired top level assembly.
  3. Configure the desired multi-level BOM view by selecting the desired properties using the “Multi-level BOM view configuration” modal window which automatically pops up the first time you create a multi-level BOM for a top-level assembly. Click the “Save” button to generate the multi-level BOM.
  4. Your multi-level BOM is now ready for work and sharing with others.

Further tips and tricks:

Click on any item in the BOM and then the  “Info panel” command to view all corresponding property information:

You can change the multi-level BOM view at any time by clicking the “View configuration” button in the Info panel window.

Use the “Restructure” command to move BOM items up or down a level.

Note: (1) Properties cannot be added or removed from a multi-level BOM view; (2) You can view a History of changes to the multi-level BOM view by clicking the “History” button beneath the BOM name; (3) Multi-level BOMs cannot currently be imported using CAD plugins (Solidworks, Solid Edge, Inventor, Altium, etc.) and Fusion 360.

Watch this video to see how to restructure and edit a multi-level BOM in action.