Creating (custom) BOM Properties

In openBoM, a BOM Property is a data attribute, for example, Part Number, Quantity, Description. Think of a BOM property the same way you would a column header in a spreadsheet.  There are two kinds of properties:

Public.  All properties defined by you or anyone registered to openBoM are available for use.  Public properties cannot be duplicated.  That is to say, a Public property once created, for example, “Supplier Type” can be used by any other registered openBoM user.  Anyone trying to create a new property with the name “Supplier Type” will be notified that particular property already exists.

Private. A unique property (i.e., not a Public property) defined by a registered openBoM user in a “Property Table” will be available only to that user or another registered openBoM user the Property Table is shared with.

Note: Part Number is a default Public property that is automatically created with every new BOM.

Here’s how you create a Public and Private Property:

Public Property. There are two ways to create a Public Property within a BOM:

  1. Click the “+ Property” in the upper left in BOM view.
  2. “Right Click” an existing property, for example, Part Number.  Properties can be created either to the Left or Right of the chosen property.
  3. Enter a new Property name.  If you know a property already exists (has previously been defined by you or someone else) check mark “Predefined property” before entering a BOM name.  Otherwise, define a new Property by entering a name and selecting from the drop-down Property type menu, the data type.
  4. If you try to enter a property that is already defined, you will receive a warning message.  Start again by setting the “Predefined property” option and reentering the property name. Or rename your property into something unique.  We appreciate this particular interface is not intuitive.  We plan to improve it soon.
  5. Watch the following video to see Public property creation in action.

Private Property. Use Property tables to create Private (and shareable) Properties.

  1. Go to the “Administration” center in the openBoM Dashboard (lower left).  Click on “Property tables”.
  2. Click “+ New Property Table
  3. A modal window will appear requesting you assign a name to the new Properties Table.  Enter a name and click the “Create” button.
  4. Within the Property Table, click “+ Add Property” and create a new Property as you normally would. Once created, The Property Name and Property Type will appear in the Properties Table.  Click the “Share” button on the upper left to share the Property table with others.
  5. Watch the following video to see how Property Tables are created.
  6. Watch the following video to see how it all comes together in a BOM.