Autodesk Inventor Plug-in Installation Guideline

This section will guide you through completion of the Inventor plug-in setup.

The OpenBOM plug-in connects your Inventor desktop installation to OpenBOM’s powerful cloud application through the use of an Inventor plug-in. The installation and setup of the plug-in is described below.  Be aware, that you will need an OpenBOM user account (Free) before you can create OpenBOMs in Inventor (see step 2 below).

  1. If you haven’t already done so install the plug-in:
    • open a browser and go to the OpenBOM download page in the Inventor App Store.  Here.
    • Click Download to download the installer to your PC
    • Run the file you just downloaded (.MSI) and follow the prompts.
  2. Next, Click here to create an OpenBOM account.  OpenBOM will open in your browser window, ignore for now and continue to next step…..  
  3. Next, Launch Inventor, open a design and click the Inventor Assembly tab
  4. Ensure that you can see OpenBOM menu icons at the right of the menubar
    • If you do not see the OpenBOM toolbar icons then go to Tools->Addins
    • Look for Inventor OpenBOM Extractor and uncheck the block flag
    • Click OK
    • Watch this video for more details on how to fix a missing OpenBOM toolbar <need video>
  5. Next, click Settings and key-in the EXACT username email and password created in Step 2 above.  Apply the changes.
  6. Finally click one of the BOM type options the click “Create / Export BOM” to create your first OpenBOM!

Contact to report any problems.  You will receive a prompt response.

Watch this short video to get you started using OpenBOM for Inventor.

Sample settings dialog with proper User name and password filled in.