Autodesk Fusion 360 (installing and extracting a BOM)

Integrating Autodesk® Fusion 360™ with openBoM (no plug-in method)

There are two steps you’ll need to go through to integrate openBoM with Fusion 360:

  1. Connecting to Autodesk 360™; and
  2. Extracting a BOM.

Note(1): Make sure Fusion 360 is installed on your PC or MAC before you try connecting it to openBoM. Note (2): openBoM is an official Forge API Platform Autodesk Partner.

Connecting to Autodesk 360

  1. In the openBoM Dashboard, click the “Tools” toolbar and choose “Integrations“.
  2. Find “Autodesk Fusion 360 (A360™)” and click the link beneath it, “connect to Autodesk Fusion 360 account“.
  3. You will be automatically navigated to the Autodesk 360 sign-in page.  Sign in and enter your A360 password.

Extracting a BOM from Browser

  1. Back in the openBoM Dashboard, click the “Tools” toolbar and this time click ” “Import from Fusion 360“.
  2. When the “Import BOM from Fusion 360” modal window appears, choose the Fusion 360 model you wish to import a BOM from.  When done, check “Parts Only” if you wish to include only parts. Otherwise, assemblies will also be included in the BOM.  Click “Import” when ready.
  3. Your BOM will appear automatically in openBoM and is ready for work..

Extracting a BOM from Fusion 360 (Windows)

  1. Install the Fusion 360 plugin for Windows:
  2. Within your desired Fusion 360 design find the openBoM tool and click Configuration.
  3. Enter your openBoM username and password (the email and password you used to register to openBoM).  Note: The openBoM URL should be automatically filled-in.   
  4. Click Export BOM in the openBoM tool in Fusion 360.
  5. Once extracted, click the link in the pop-up modal.  Doing so will take you directly to the exported BOM in openBoM.
  6. You are now ready to work on your Fusion 360 BOM in openBoM.