About OpenBOM for Netsuite Integration

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About OpenBOM for NetSuite

Integration is a very important element of manufacturing technologies. Data about product initially created with design environment by engineers (eg. using CAD system) is translated in engineering Bill of Materials and then later on in manufacturing BOM, which can be stored in ERP systems.

This is very simplistic process, it is very fundamental for most of manufacturing companies. At OpenBOM we developed technologies capable to support variety of integrations with CAD, PDM, PLM and ERP systems.

As native cloud product, OpenBOM can be easy integrated with different environments and today I want to show you how we can make integration between OpenBOM and NetSuite.

There are 3 elements of OpenBOM — NetSuite integration:

1- Engineering tab in Oracle Netsuite

2- OpenBOM integrated user experience

3- Data transfer

OpenBOM displays Bill of Materials that can be initially created in OpenBOM or previously extracted from CAD system (eg. Solidworks) based on the mapping of Part Numbers between Assembly (Item) in Oracle NetSuite and OpenBOM.

OpenBOM integrated application controls allow you to synchronize data between OpenBOM and manufacturing items.

Watch the video with very simple demo.