BOM revisions

BOM revisions in OpenBBOM are a means of capturing a snapshot of a BOM at any point in time.  They are useful for tracking the progress of a BOM in a distributed collaborative environment as different team members interact with the BOM.  Because BOM revisions once created are immutable, they serve as an incontrovertible audit trail at critical milestones, e.g., Engineering review, supply chain review, manufacturing review, etc.

Creating and accessing Revisions.

(1) Click the (1)Latest State” drop-down menu to toggle between revisions which have been created. Note: “Latest State” is the current work-in-progress BOM.  All other choices in the drop-down menu are revisions. (2) Click the “Save new revision” command to create a new Revision.

(2) When ready to create a revision, click “Save new revision”.  You will be prompted to add an optional and brief revision note.  When done, click the “Save” button to save the revision.

(3) Toggle between revisions using the drop-down menu labeled “Latest state”. Revisions are ‘read-only’ meaning you cannot make any changes to a revision. Revisions cannot be deleted.