Team sharing BOMs in Onshape

Team sharing can help you share BOMs with a team of people using Onshape and openBoM. When you’re an openBoM Team Admin (requires the Team Subscription), it’s easy to create accounts for all members of your team. Just remember you need to mark the “Team sharing” option when you create a new user (you cannot change it later, so if you didn’t select it, delete the user and create a new one. From now on, every BOM created by one of the Team members will be shared automatically.

This has a huge positive impact on how it will make everyone’s life easier in Onshape and openBoM. Every BOM created in Onshape will be automatically shared. This avoids annoying messages asking to provide access to a BOM when you shared an Onshape document manually and forgot to share the BOM(s).

Find details on how to create Team Sharing using the Team admin, here.

Watch his video to see Team sharing BOMs in Onshape.